Archetypes for Manifesting, Guidance and Psychic Protection in Human Design

Thorough, consistent visualization is undoubtedly the key to embedding the astral plane with the blueprint to your needs so that they will manifest in your physical plane. However, if you are not an extremely imaginative person or one who has taken the opportunity to develop the art of detailed visualization, it is often simpler to use archetypes to imprint the matrix of production.

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Archetypes are symbols with universal meanings that become the Prototypes for each and every possible situation or happening in the manifested universe. They are energy patterns which exist within the collective consciousness of humankind.

By energizing the Suitable archetypal symbols, their corresponding Universal patterns, already present in the astral plane, will create the matrices upon which your needs can attest. Examples of these strong trigger pictures are: the wise old man who supplies wisdom and advice, the buxom mother figure who brings fertility and fertility and the armed warrior who displays courage.

Discover that archetypes best represent your needs and you will have a useful tool for reality creation in the beck and call. Emergency situations, like manifesting a train connection or asking for psychic protection, readily lend themselves to using archetypes.

The following are some useful universal symbols that can be help you Create your desired life scenarios:

  • A Bridge joins you from one locale or situation to another. As an example, a mental picture of a bridge may fortify your energy link to your dream home or dream holiday.
  • A Shield is a protective archetype. This picture can be imaginatively reshaped and made to fit any particular situation which requires security.
  • A Sword has multiple connotations, including cutting into the core of the issue using generator human design – a valuable image if you wish to clarify a situation or skip bureaucratic red tape. Put on the sword archetype responsibly because it also owns a destructive potential that is obvious.

The possibilities for archetypal usage are endless. Actually, it may be worth getting a dictionary of archetypes or a book of symbols if this tool for manifesting appeals to you. Archetypes admittedly also need some level of visualization however; you can simplify your job considerably by collecting existing images of symbols that you might want to use.

Shamans are automatically gifted readers of energy patterns and symbols found in the natural world, for example, patterns of leaves on the floor or even cloud formations. Because these tribal sages know that the world is never silent, they have the ability to give advice and guidance by simply reading the universal signs and signs in the world around them.